Top 9 Tips on How to Plan a Fascinating Sprinkle Party

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For second time mums, you will need a sprinkle party to celebrate the grand arrival of your (second, third, fourth, fifth…) child to your family. The party will be unique and different from the traditional baby shower. It will only focus on the necessities. The following are the steps on how to plan for a blossoming Sprinkle Party.

Set a Unique Date

Having the party two months before your delivery is ideal. There are platforms that will enable you to get everything you may require before the anticipated day.

Make a Good Timing

This party is different from a typical baby shower. It will last only two hours. In the case of an extended gathering, consider an open house where people will have the freedom of entry and exit.

Come Up with a Guest List

There will be invited restrictions, and close friends and family will be on the list. It is because sprinkle parties are meant for moral support and not primarily focused on the gifts. You may wish to invite your dad and other male friends and relatives.

Send Online Invites

There is flexibility online, and you can mail invites. However, it is crucial to consider that information on the registry should not be placed on the invites, but you can equip yourself with some if the necessity arises.

Choose a Special Theme

The setting should be simple due to its informal nature. There will be no need for fancy decorations and bags. You can source these on Pinterest and choose your desired design and color.

Offer Light Snacks to Your Guests

Avoid the main meals and opt for snacks. You should pick on sweets, cheese, yogurt, vegetables, nuts like groundnuts and cupcakes. Such choices will make ease your preparation and will provide a perfect environment for mingling and interacting.

Draft a Gift Protocol

Consider the following;

  • Necessities- diapers, toiletries, baby cream, and wipes.
  • Baby clothes – in the case where the baby’s sex is different from your previous child.
  • Choose the right gifts for the mother-to-be

Writing a baby registry will aid your guests in knowing what to shop for your expected baby and avoid guesswork and speculation.

Maintain causality

You will firmly emphasize on those individuals close to the mother. The following can be helpful;

  • Request your guests to write their best advice on paper slips and will be crucial when your kid grows up. Other siblings will be happy in their involvement in such activities.
  • Opt to decorate a baby book with striking colors and ask every guest to write down right sentiments.

Include siblings in the preparation

The arrival of a new baby creates mixed feelings to the other siblings. It is advisable to involve your other children in the process by considering the following;

Assign roles to the eldest kid like arranging gifts in a specific corner

Add the names of other siblings on the invites – they will not feel left out

Offer them rewards during the Sprinkle party.

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