The Best 20 Snacks for Kids

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Turn the snack time into fun again by tossing out the junk food. The below 20 ingredients are kid-friendly that can be healthy homemade snacks. Try recipes for low-calorie snacks to ensure your children are happy and healthy.

Whole Grain Cereal

The whole grain cereals are rich in calcium, vitamins, and fiber. A bowl of the enriched whole grain cereals mixed with fruit or milk is a healthy start of the day for children. For a flavorful twist and fun, try yogurt-covered cereal clusters or cereal with dried fruit. 


This kid-friendly snack enriched with protein enhances high energy levels until dinnertime. You can stick pretzel sticks which are salt-free into low-fat salt-free of cheese to make "satellite snacks." You can make cheese for kids more interesting by cutting it into fun shapes and make kabobs with fruits.


Kids like these delicious sippable treats, which are packed with nutrients. Use Greek yogurt, a banana and pure orange juice as the base of the smoothie, then try with a combination of sliced fresh or frozen fruit. It's a great idea to include two or three components of fruits and fiber into your kid's diet.


If you feel like bananas and apples are the only fruit that your kids eat lately, try an introduction of packed fresh strawberries rich in vitamin c to their diet. When you're running short on time, experiment this protein- and vitamin-rich snack with three ingredients. Choose whole-wheat crepes for an extra-healthy option.

Healthier Baked Goods

Your kids will never imagine that you're sneaking vegetables or fruits into their diet if you bake them to breads or yummy muffins. Zucchini muffins, carrot bars and banana bread are part of our favorites for the kids. 


Yogurt is a good source of calcium and children love it dressed up. To add taste and nutritional value, you can whip up a yogurt parfait with granola and berries or come up with a fruity yogurt pop which is homemade that beats store-bought sugary frozen treats every day.


You can mix a calcium-rich cheese quesadilla with chopped vegetables, shrimp or even leftover cooked chicken. 

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet spuds are very nutritious vegetables. They are good sources of fotale, vitamin A, B6 and C. These simple and delicious chips are good alternatives to the store-bought greasy variety.

Peanut Butter

This childhood favorite has protein and fiber in plentiful. Instead of bread, try to make a silly PB&J sandwich with rice cakes or toasted mini-waffles that's enjoyable to eat.


One single egg provides one-third of protein requirements to a 4-year-old kid for the day. A bunch of hard-boiled eggs lasts for seven days. Another great idea, scramble an egg before rolling in a flour tortilla.


Being made from pureed chickpeas and its appealing nutty flavor makes hummus an excellent dip for children. It is well thick not to be messy and contains iron, vitamin B6, and folate. You can serve it with salt-free crackers and cut-up vegetables for dipping, or use for making a pita bread sandwich.


Pasta is a fabulous source of complex carbohydrates. Pick some noodles in your kid's favorite shape, and cook a batch to preserve in the refrigerator. At snack time, reheat a half-cup in a microwave serving tossed with cooked chicken or veggies and freshlt cut tomatos. 


Pears come in various delicious varieties and are rich in fiber. Serve the nutritious canned pears with a small bowl of low cholesterol cottage cheese or just pack a whole juicy pear in a lunch box for your child. 

Snack Mix

Together, toss a healthy combo of pretzels, nuts, banana chips, whole grain cereal and popcorns for a handy snack. Nuts contain minerals such as iron, magnesium, and zinc. 

Low-Fat Ham

It tastes the same as a regular ham, though the low-fat version is healthier and is a great snack to boost your kid`s protein intake. Roll a slice with cheese or make crust-less ham sandwiches.


Raisins are rich in fiber, vitamins and potassium. 


Apples are healthy fruits, but if you feel the boring apple blues and in need to switch up the applesauce routine, try putting apples in the steam cooking machine and then adding some cinnamon.

Whole Grain Waffles

For an alternative to jelly and peanut butter, try grain waffles with vitamins A, B6, B12 and iron. These kid-approved waffle sticks which are topped with low-fat cream cheese and fruit jelly create a refreshing fun for snack time.


Easy to make oatmeal cookies that provide a healthy snack for your children - try adding cranberries, raisins, nuts or dried apricots to boost taste and nutritional value.


Try an easy recipe for guacamole that your children are going to love. Combine with some pita bread and its a perfect snack full of healthy fat and carbohydrates that will keep you young ones full until dinner time. 

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