The Basic Tips on Cloth Diapers (Diapers 101)

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The advancement in technology has led to the inception of modern day diapers. However, you may still consider using cloth diapers due to its unique modification over the years. They are incredibly distinct and fashionable compared to grandma’s time. Gone are the days where you use pieces of cotton cloths to wrap your baby.

Currently, the new kind of cloth diaper is one of a kind with exceptional features such as; an entirely designed diaper (an all-in-one), the presence of Velcro or snaps closures and waterproof banding at the legs and waist. Additionally, with different breathable fibers, the essence of soaking the cloth is forgotten and buried in history.

You may want to consider this diaper because of the following;

Affordable Price

This diaper is considered cost conservative compared to the disposable diapers. For instance, if you handle the clothing and laundering by yourself, you will incur approximately $800-$1000 in three years. It is considered half the total cost of purchasing and using disposables.

 It is a fact that the expenses of diapering a second baby will only cost you $400 for laundering. You will use this diaper for three years and is ideal during these hard economic times.

Basic Tips on Laundering

You may conclude that your house will be converted into a garbage dump. No, that is not true. With a cloth diaper, you don’t need to soak it entirely and you are required to empty the contents into a toilet and place it in a plastic bucket. At this point, you drop it into a washer and wash it with your favorite detergent twice consecutively to ensure it is absolutely clean.

The use of bleach is not advisable, and you are instead required to rinse twice to ensure all the residues are washed away. After a successful wash, it is crucial to dry on hot. This process will ensure your washer is sparkling clean just as the diaper, keeping in mind that it will typically drain as your toilet.

When to Visit a Changing Table

According to experts, you will need an average of 2-3 dozen diapers when you choose to wash them on the third day. For a weekly plan in a diaper service, you will need approximately 70-80 diapers.

Seeking Eco-Friendly Diaper Services

If your desire of using a diaper cloth is not based on its financial flexibility, and you are not into home laundering concept, then you may need to use a diaper service within your locality. It is now a regulation that most diaper services are incorporating biodegradable detergents in their cleaning procedures instead of the past use of hazardous phosphates.

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