Signs of Early Pregnancy

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Being pregnant, especially for the first time, is one of the most important and beautiful experiences for a woman, but it is also a period of significant changes to a woman’s body. Everything changes: the taste, the smell, the sensibility to all things around her.
For some women, it is very easy to recognize the symptoms of the pregnancy even at the very beginning, but for others, it is not so simple. This is mostly because, sometimes, these symptoms can be confused with others situations such as delay of the menstruations, or the simple flu. Instead, it is very important to know as soon as possible the pregnancy status because the woman has to change many of her habits immediately! So, what are the most common symptoms that would allow you to recognize a pregnancy a pregnancy?

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

First of all, the most common sign of pregnancy is, as we all know, the absence of your period. Even if it is one of the most common symptoms, it is not 100% reliable since many women have irregular cycles.
Next, in line come the changes of the breasts that become heavier and very sensitive. This is also a common sign of menstruations or even ovulation, so be careful not to judge a pregnancy purely on that.
Nausea is the most known pregnancy symptom, which for some women can start in the first weeks and usually last until the end of the first trimester. Morning sickness can be tricky; you don't get it only in the morning!

If you are pregnant, the taste for some foods and drinks might change too. Sometimes, women get strong aversions of food or beverages that really loved before getting pregnant, and it becomes impossible to even to come close to them! This happens mostly because the smell becomes very sensitive.

Body Changes during Pregnancy

How about other body changes?
Frequent headaches, constipation and bloating, back pains and cramping can also be pregnancy symptoms. Other important signals of the pregnancy are the frequent urination and the high basal temperature of the body (your body temperature the moment you wake up).

A woman's body works full time from the moment of conception to make sure that everything goes smoothly and the pregnancy is successful. It is important to follow its needs, such as more sleep and rest to help out as much as possible.

Don't forget that even if you have all of the above symptoms the best thing you have to do to be 100% certain is a pregnancy test from the pharmacy or even better a blood exam that is more accurate.

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