Facts on Helicopter Parenting

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According to Carolyn Daitch, an author of Anxiety Disorders; the Go-To Guide, helicopter parents, are focused a lot on their children. These parents tend to determine the successes or failures of their children. Dr. Dunnewold, a psychologist, refers such incidences as "overparenting" and such parents offer overprotection to their kids.

How to Know a Helicopter Parent

It is applicable in any age and is also evident to parents with kids in college and high school. These parents perform the tasks meant for students such as calling professors in the case of poor grades. Toddler parents practicing helicopter parenting often do all the activities without providing some time on their own to learn. This will hinder the child’s ability to learn new skills.

What Causes Helicopter Parenting?

The following are the top four reasons;

The fear of future consequences

Parents are always concerned if the child performs poorly in a particular grade. According to Deborah Gilboa, the founder of AskDoctorG.com elaborates that these outcomes are good in hardening the kids and preparing them for complicated situations in the future.


The prevailing economic conditions and the existing job market make most parents worry. Such worries make these parents more concerned with their kids in the way of protecting them from the world.

Offering compensation

Parents project good things for their children.  Those parents, who believe they were neglected or not taken care of when young, will strive to make the lives of their children more comfortable and better.

Existing pressure from other parents

Neighbor helicopter parents who overprotect their kids will affect other parents. Parents, who don’t practice this, are perceived as bad parents.

The Consequences of Practicing Helicopter Parenting

There are various benefits of over parenting your kid. It will improve self-esteem and increase in affection among others. However, overparenting can affect the ability of children to grasp new skills and efficiently handle situations of failure.

The following are some of the consequences;

Decrease in self-confidence

With time, children will understand the kind of message their parents are passing to them.  Parents over involvement in daily activities of their kids make them lose self-confidence and will primarily depend on them to accomplish most tasks.

Incompetency in coping with skills

Helicopter parenting affects the ability of children to solve their problems efficiently such as cleaning a mess or solving a mathematical equation on their own.

Increases anxiety

Research from the University of Mary Washington has proved that overparenting leads to increase in the stress levels of child depression and anxiety.

Lack of grasping basic skills

Some parents perform everything to their kids from tying shoelaces to packing lunches. These simple tasks will prove hard for the kids even with complete physical and mental growth.

How to Control Helicopter Parenting

According to advice from Dr. Gilboa, it is crucial to let the kid learn essential skills that will be fundamental in the future. There should be controlled support of children, as making mistakes also helps them in adapting and learning new skills.

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