Choosing a present for a 3 year old

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Children, especially in this age bracket, tend to be inquisitive, thoughtful not to mention energetic. If their interests are not captivated by something fun then they can end up having cheeky behavior. Thus, a gift should possess all the qualities of fun and that help them develop life skills. This article will act as a guide to the best kinds of presents you should get for a 3 year old child. 


      There are good dollhouses available at affordable prices. Moreover, they are easy to make since the structure does not require a lot of things. With this present, children are able to express their social skills and assume the role-plays they observe at home without experiencing adult interference.


There is no limit to creativity and children should be encouraged to enhance theirs. Though their minds are still young, they can understand different shapes and colors. A Play-Doh is a good example of a present that can improve their imagination.

Play outside presents

Children can be bouncy enough to keep you on your toes. This mostly happens when they are bored or agitated from being inside the house for too long. Therefore, a play outside present will be appropriate for warm and calm days. Plus, after the activity they will just be too tired and sleep immediately.

Art and crafts materials

     If your child asks too many questions it is probably because they are that stage where everything is of interest to them. Parents are advised to nurture their kids' curiosity which will help them be more open to possibilities later in life. For instance, arts and craft tools such as crayons will be a good start.

Memory Games

Apart from having fun and keeping busy, there are presents that assist children in memorizing things hence making them more focused even in their adulthood. Board games such as fixing familiar objects or animals on a board help in improving their concentration and learning valuable life skills.


Reading and writing should be introduced to kids from a very young age. This is because it will encourage a culture of loving books and work both hard and smart in school-related work. Furthermore, there are musical and sports books which could help him discover hidden talents and passions. To make it easy for reading at this age, the books are put as simple games, pictures or puzzles.


      At times kids like to be left alone where they can play dress up and feel like themselves without being judged by their parents or siblings. They can build a castle of cushions or you can pick a playhouse, many of which are available in stores in a variety of designs.

Doctors kit

A child learns new things every day and this comes at the price of being aware of things that can hurt them. For instance, they know that a visit to the doctor means getting a painful injection thus they tend to get anxious. Getting them a doctor’s kit can help familiarize with the process hence become more receptive or even discover a passion for medicine. 

ABC help

      Charts also improve the learning process. Of course, theirs have familiar animals and objects which help them understand different letter combinations and how they form a word. This kind of gift is simple to make and you can both be involved in the exercise which will enhance your bond or friendship.


The process of growing is gradual and takes place in stages. A three old is able to walk and will probably want freedom from the arms of his guardian. As a result, a scooter for babies will be in order since it will aid in developing his movement skills.

Floor puzzle

Floor puzzles are also very important. The process entails piecing together informative parts which will improve their determination.

Books with a message

Kids can be violent towards other kids and fail to act compassionately. Punishing them should not be the obvious choice but making them understand how to be empathetic while playing or interacting should be the priority. To make sure the message is well received, you can obtain books which have moral lessons.

To conclude, gifts create an appeal that the child can remember you with. Besides you can both have time to spend together and know one another better. 

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